Welcome one and All….

Hi there! My name is Fi and some may say I’m a little bit of a crazy dog lady of which I can confirm is 100% if not 200% true.

If I could take my dog everywhere with me I most certainly would and I try to plan days out around visiting dog friendly places in the Cotswolds and beyond.

This little blog is a chance for Cooper and I to share with you some of the amazing places you can find and visit with your dog. Not only that but also share some of our favourite treats, toys and recipies for you to share with your pooch.


Cooper is a two year old Working Cocker Spaniel who loves nothing better than country walks, chasing pretty much anything  he sets his eyes on but also enjoys snoozy days cuddling up to you. He couldn’t be a more loving little pup and that’s the best thing about Spaniels is their temprement, quick to learn and just love to please you.

Spaniels don’t come without their own health  problems though and Cooper was no exception as we had serious problems with bad “Spaniel ears” when he was a pup. He’s actually currently on an Annalergenic dog food specially from the the vets and has been for over a year. Slowly we have started introducing treats to him that are Hypoallergenic alongside veg like Carrots (which he goes crazy for!) and he seems to be getting along really well with them and no problem ears. So as part of this blog we will try to find some of the best Hypoallergenic treats out there to help you and your pooch if you’re struggling with a similar dietary restriction for your dog.

Well then that’s a little bit about myself and Coop’s and we hope you’ll come back and check out some more posts from us soon.

Happy Adventures,

Fi & Coop’s


2 thoughts on “Welcome one and All….

  1. Hello from another Spaniel owner and take-my-dog-everywhere-with-me enthusiast 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more, Jazzy’s Instagram is @jazzcoachingdog , she’s a 2 years old working Springer Spaniel but we don’t shoot. She’s my world and I am always so happy to find other dog mad owners out there! I have a blog for my dog adventures but it’s not yet public, hope to make it so towards the end of the year 🙂
    All the best,
    Wiola & Jazz


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