Out & About – Croome

One of my favorite things to do as a little girl with my parents was to discover beautiful National Trust properties around the country and that’s still the case these days, although with a Dog nearly always in tow it does make it slightly more difficult. There are quite a few National Trust properties that do allow friendly dogs on leads however generally not inside the actual houses themselves.


Our absolute favorite place to visit though is Croome which is situated Near High Green in Worcestershire, about a 40 minute run from Cheltenham. Croome Court House is set in a beautiful parkland which was ‘Capability’ Brown’s Masterful first commission which has sunning views across the Malverns. The lakeside set within the parkland has plenty to discover such as a walled garden, Chinese bridge, temples, folies and status around every corner.

They have really catered to to our pups as they give you a dog friendly map on entry and there are plenty of water bowls, tether points and waste bins situated around the grounds. They even have waste bags in the entrance lobby just in case you’ve forgotten yours. They do ask that you keep your dog on a lead in the grounds but there is a designated “off lead” area where dogs can be let off the lead as long as you have them under effective control. You can view their Dog Policy here:- Dogs at Croome

“Hurry up and take the photo Woman, there’s a Squirrel over there that i need to chase!!!”

If you really want to wear you pooch out then there is a 4 mile round walk you can take around the parkland which is a moderate walk that they say can take 1 1/2 hours + depending on speed. You can print the map for this straight from the National Trust website here:- Dog Walk At Croome  If this is to long for you there is also a shorter version you can do which is a 2.5 miles walk which you can print the map here:- Croomes Park Seat Circular Walk

Set in the middle of the parkland is Croome Court which was once home to the 6th Earl of Coventry. There is generally always some sort of display on show which are collaborations with emerging new craftsmen and designers and are always worth a look at. (Sadly Dogs are not allowed in the house.)

Croome Court on a very foggy day.

The Visitor center once housed a Second World War Airbase which in the 1940s used to serve over 2000 service people and scientists who were testing radar systems to meet new enemy threats. The Wartime hospital complex buildings that remained in the Parkland have been restored to become what you now see as the Visitor Center and Museum in which you can discover the secret story of RAF Defford. Within the museum you can see wartime artifacts, emotive personal possessions, videos and costume displays.

Near to the visitor center there is a 1940s style restaurant which serves hot meals and light lunches, such as jacket potatoes,  soups, sandwiches, snacks and a range of homemade cakes. If you happen to visit on a Sunday they serve up a Traditional roast lunch which is the perfect end to a morning walk in the parkland. Children’s lunch boxes are also available. There is plenty of outdoor seating so having the dog with you is no problem at all.

If you are visiting with Children there is plenty for them to explore as it is but there is also a Natural Play Area for them to have fun in and Croome are brilliant at putting on trails for them, for instance when we visited last week there was a Halloween trial on over Half Term.

“Don’t look now but I swear that one moved!!!!……RUN!!!!!”

There is also a little shop to pick up a souvenir, a Plant sales area if you’re at all green fingered and a second hand bookshop in you need a new novel to loose yourself in.

If you go and give Croome a visit we’d love to know your thoughts or if you’ve already been and have any top tips to share please comment below.

Happy Exploring,

Fi & Coops xXx

General Opening Hours (please check website for exact times and days.)

  • Park ~ 09:00 – 17:30
  • House ~ 11:00 – 16:30
  • Restaurant ~ 09:00 – 17:00
  • Shop ~ 10:00 – 17:00

Prices (correct at time of publish)

Whole property

Gift Aid Standard
Adult £12.00 £10.90
Child £6.00 £5.45
Family £30.00 £27.25
Group Adult

Minimum group size 15
N/A £9.60
Group Child

Minimum group size 15
N/A £4.80

Park only

Gift Aid Standard
Adult £8.00 £7.25
Child £4.00 £3.60
Family £20.00 £18.15
Group Adult

Minimum group size 15
N/A £6.40
Group Child

Minimum group size 15
N/A £3.20



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