Devil Dood Deli – Travel Box

I’m sure most of you are very passionate about what you feed your pups, I know I am. Cooper as a pup was always getting ear infections / poorly tummies etc… and as a result was put onto a very restrictive vet food annalergenic diet. This did work wonders for him but I was always concerned about what he was actually eating. I started introducing healthy hypoallergenic treats with no ill consequences and have since weaned him off onto a different food which I know exactly what goes into it. As a result of this I’m always very particular about what I feed him, so when the maker of our some of our favourite lead and collars Devil Dood Designs announced they where starting up Devil Dood Deli with the aim of supplying high quality treats & chews I was very excited. They are released in limited quantities each month so order quick to avoid disappointment. (Although I’m sure most of you have already grabbed one to try)

May Travel Box

I opted for the Travel Box costing £12 as the signature boxes had already flown out by the time I got to order one but for the quantity you get in the box this was more than enough to keep Cooper going until the next month.

Alongside the Travel Box there is also the option of the Signature Box £26, (also available as a hypoallergenic Box) Chew Trial Box £10 & a Build your Own Deli Box £16.

Firstly I loved the packaging, the fact it’s all recyclable bar the brand packaging is amazing. Each box contains a card telling you all about Devil Dood Deli and the contents of your box. Whilst I Was reading the card Cooper was going crazy as all the smells were emanating from the box. He tried desperately to get at the chews so nicely wrapped up in their brown paper packaging with named heart stickers on.

First up in the box were some of my firm favourites for treats for Cooper, JR. We’ve had the 100% Salmon training treats before so know they’re good quality but have never tried the Pates. They can be used in treat toys, sprinkled over meals like a topper or chopped up into treats.

Next up were the Anco 100% Fish Skin Cubes. Coops absolutely loves these, (I swear he was a cat in a former life!), we’ve never tried this brand before but love that they are made in Britain and sourced in Grimsby. They’re great for helping to promote a healthy skin & Coat, to help remove tartar on tests and are gentle on digestion, which is especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Finally were the three bags of natural 100% dried meat chews. These were what I was excited for the most as apart from the odd pigs ear in the past Coops has never tried anything like these before so was keen to try them. Again they were very generous in quantities as there was 4 chicken feet, 2 duck necks & 2 bully beef which is just perfect if you have two pups as you can share them out fairly.

Coops went absolutely crazy for the chicken feet and after chomping away on one he managed to steal a second as I was taking photos! Proof if you ever needed that he approved. The Duck Neck he wasn’t so sure about at first but after 5 minutes or so he’d disappeared outside with it and chewed away in the sun a very happy pup. As for the Bully Beef, well he is 100% sure about it just yet despite grabbing it out my hand and running off with it at first. Sometimes with harder chews he can be a little unsure what it is at first but then starts chomping away a little later.

I think it’s fair to say both Cooper and I absolutely love the concept of this box. You know you’ll be receiving Healthy treats for your pup and getting to try out different things you may not have bought yourself. There’s no subscription to it just buy when you want, which I know I’ll be doing again for sure once we’ve finished this one off.

What do you think? Have you already tried out a box or would you consider buying one now you’ve read this?

Happy adventures,

Fi & Coops xXx

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