Frozen Dog Treats

With the current heatwave here in the UK I think we’ve all been looking for ways to keep our pups cool and occupied during the warm days. So I decided to have a little experiment and make some frozen treats for Coops.


I only feed Coops good quality food & treats so I used some of our favorite brands to make the following frozen treats. These included Guru Surf & Turf, JR Pet Products Pure Lamb Treats & The Dog House Random Rewards treats.

Frozen Guru Dinner


I’ve been feeding Coops on Guru now for the past 4 months and Coops just absolutely adores it, so of course I wanted to do something with his food to make dinner time more enriching for him as well as cooler. If you feed your dog Guru you’ll know that one of its benefits is that it breaks down in your dogs stomach releasing all the nutrients much better than normal kibbles. When added to water Guru begins to break down so for this frozen treat you will need your regular amount of Dinner time Guru and some boiling water.

Add just enough water to cover the food and stir away until it starts to break down into a thick paste. You may need to use the back of the fork to press down on any large bits still left to make them into finer bits.

Once it’s turned into a paste you can then spread onto your enrichment feeding “toy” of choice. We have the Lickimat Playdate which we got from the Devil Dood Direct Website which is fab for smearing on your choice of tasty treat. The action of licking stimulates the release of saliva and the production of calming hormones in your dog which is an added benefit along with keeping them entertained for a while.

Once it’s all spread onto the mat, stick it in the freezer for a few hours. I did mine in the morning and it was ready for Dinner time. Coops went crazy for it and it took him a good 30 minutes to finish which is amazing as normally it’s gone in 5 seconds.

Ice Cube Treats


Next up is a simple one but a goodie, Treat filled Ice Cubes. When Cooper was a puppy he used to love Ice cubes but more recently if you give him one he just runs off with it and leaves it somewhere to melt and for you to stand in. I used The Dog House Random Rewards treats for this one as they are nice and small so will fit into our Dachshund shaped Ice Cube tray perfectly.


Simply pop a few into your ice cube tray, fill with water and pop into the freezer for a few hours. So simple but works a treat as a quick way to give your dog something cool to crunch on. Cooper actually loved these as there was something in it for him and a real reason to be bothered by an ice cube for once. As an alternative you could use some low salt chicken stock or a more watered down version of the Guru paste instead of the water to make a super tasty version.



By far the most successful out of all the treats with Coops was my Pupsicles. I made a couple of different versions, the first being Cottage Cheese & Peanut Butter. Make sure you use Fat Free Cottage Cheese as these are a very indulgent treat so best only done occasionally or made in a smaller size. Cottage Cheese is a bland food and high in calcium and protein, so it can be a good addition to dog food. However, avoid it if your dog has issues digesting dairy. You could use Yogurt as a base instead but I didn’t have any to hand and as Coops has recently become a little obsessed with Cottage Cheese I thought I’d give it a go.

I used one part peanut butter to two parts Cottage Cheese and mixed them together to create a wet mixture. It doesn’t look the prettiest but Coops loved the smell. Then I popped the mixture into a silicone cupcake case with half a JR Pet Product Lamb Chew pushed in as the handle, Popped it into the freezer and left for a few hours.


I think It’s fair to say Coops thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Pupsicle Version 2

The final Pupsicle version is using Guru again but this time I only used 4 pieces with enough boiling water to turn it into a more of a liquid gravy. I then poured into a silicone cupcake cake again with half a JR Lamb Chew as the pupsicle stick. Obviously this one isn’t as supportive so i just lent it against the case. Pop it in the freezer and wait. This would also work well as a base for the Ice cube treats instead of just water.

Cooper has thoroughly enjoyed taste testing all of these but please if you do make any of these for your pups adjust their normal meals accordingly so as to not overfeed. Also please bear in mind that Guru breaks down when added to water where as other dog biscuits don’t.

I hope you enjoy making these for your pup and they help to keep them nice and cool in this weather.

Los of Love,

Fi & Coops xXx

P.S. Don’t forget to let your pup lick the bowl or spoon!

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