Clydach Dog Food

We were very excited when Callam from Clydach got in touch about trying their dog food as we’re always on the lookout for good quality food for Coops and to let you know all about the different options for your pups to. What we also love is amazing stories behind the brands and Clydach definitely has an amazing start up story.


Their Story

It all began back in Spring 2013 when Callum (who was 13 at the time)  started breeding chicks from his parents’ cockerel and hen in their garden. Soon after he realized the profitability, an investment of a £55 incubator led to the hatch of hundreds of chickens. In the Summer of 2014 ‘Clydach Poultry’ was becoming a local success and Callum stepped things up by converting one of the stables on the farm into a shop where he sold chicken food and supplies. Come Spring 2015 he had a thriving poultry company and began looking for the next thing to branch into. Unhappy with the quality of the branded poultry feed he was selling, Callum studied livestock nutrition in depth for months. He developed his own ration, which led to his first product, Natural Layers Pellets from Clydach. This outperformed the market and come the Winter of 2016 he decided to use his passion and expertise for nutrition to develop a range of foods for dogs. With the network of free-range Welsh and British farmers he had he could source high levels of fresh meat, fish and poultry for the recipes.


Since then the brand has continued growing and has gone from strength to strength. It’s available in over 300 stores in 12 countries worldwide. They’ve also won 13 awards and set an amazing standard for ethics, culture and care in their sector. Clydach are the official Feed Partners to Love Underdogs who are working hard in Brasov to manage stray dogs, which even in a country like Romania, is a huge problem. The are also committed to the environment having entered into a Habitat Creation & Management Plan which provides major benefits for wildlife including new planting, the creation of wetlands and species-rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging birds. All in all a rather impressive Story.



Clydach are 100% grain free, naturally hypoallergenic and are free from any added artificial colours, flavors and preservatives. They use a diverse source of protein sources in their recipes, as in nature dogs benefit from an assortment of meats. These include Free Range English Venison, Sustainable Scottish Salmon, Ethical Suffolk Duck & Grass Fed Welsh Lamb.

For their carbohydrates they use the complex carb, Sweet Potato which  has a low glycemic-index. Whilst rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin A, Sweet Potato also provides sources of Vitamin C, Manganese, Copper, Pantothenic acid, and Vitamin B6.

Naturally occurring and added Omega 3 & 6 acids are contained within the foods. Omega 3 and 6 has been shown to support skin and coat quality, added gloss, reduce skin inflammation, visual development, and cognitive function.


The Products

We tried out the Lamb Adult and Venison Adult both of which Cooper loved. You should always introduce a new food slowly over a two week period rather than just swapping them over so as to not cause upset to their stomachs so we’ve been trying out the Adult Venison mostly over the last few weeks alongside our current food, Guru Surf & Turf. Cooper has had tummy troubles in the past so I always like to introduce new things slowly to him. I started off using the food as treats out on photo shoots to see if he had any issues with it and then began introducing it into his dinner time bowl. He’s reacted really well with it and we haven’t had an tummy relapses which is great as I’m always excited to find foods that work well for him. Not to mention it actually smells really good.

They also have a Puppy & Junior range as well as a Treat & Snacks range which I am very excited to try to. Their Select Salmon Nibbles are Hypoallergenic, Grain Free and made with 100% fresh fish, potato and nothing else!


Feeding & Value

On the packaging there is the typical feeding guide which states how many grams per day to feed in relation to the dogs weight. Obviously you should adapt this to take into account your dogs breed, age and level of activity.

In terms of price looking at the Adult Venison a 1kg bag costs £7.99, 5kg £24.99 and a 15kg £49.99. (Prices correct at time of publish) So in relation to food we’ve bought in the past it’s a good value food for the quality of ingredients you’re getting. You can purchase as normal or subscribe and save by getting a bag delivered every week/couple of weeks depending on how quickly you get through it. Great if you’re like me and forgot to order a new bag and run out!



Cooper and I are both very impressed with the brand ethos and the products themselves and would definitely recommend the food if you’re looking for a good quality, grain free, British sourced and made food for your pups.

Have you heard of the brand before? If not would you now check them out as a possible food for your pups? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy adventures,

Fi & Coops xXx

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