Out & About – Tewkesbury


The other Day Cooper & I had absolutely no plans which for me is something I’m not very good at as I always need to be doing something at all times or else I feel like I’ve wasted the day. So I randomly decided to pack up our travel bag, look at a map and go somewhere new with Coops. Having looked at the map I realized we need not go very far for adventures as for just a 25 minute bus ride we could be in the town of Tewkesbury which I hadn’t visited in years.

Tewkesbury is an historic riverside town in Gloucestershire situated 10 miles from Cheltenham. It’s know for Tewkesbury Abbey which is one of Gloucestershire’s most popular tourist attractions, second only to Gloucester Cathedral and what’s better is that they are Dog Friendly! They welcome well behaved dogs on leads into the cathedral, gift shop and tea room on site. Entry is free but they just ask if you would kindly leave a donation towards the upkeep of the Abbey. It’s an imposing feature of the town’s landscape and has been for nearly 900 years. It’s Renowned the world over for its fine Norman tower, ornate 12th Century ceiling and stunning stained glass windows, definitely worth a look for the architecture alone.

Tewkesbury is a town filled with history where you’ll find 30 secret alleyways scatted amongst the medieval buildings. There are also over 350 buildings listed as being of special architectural interest and you can learn more about the history of the town such as the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471, in Tewkesbury Museum. It is situated in a beautiful 17th century building that was given to the council in 1956 by Sir George Dowty and Martin Cadbury on the understanding that it would be used as the Town Museum. It is free admission for all the family including the dog but donations do help to keep their museum going.

As well as all the history Tewkesbury is known for they have a traditional high street full of your typical shops as well as independent shops and cafes. They definitely seem to be trying to attract dog owners as quite a few shops had these pink “Dog Friendly Town” stickers on their windows which I think is an amazing idea and more towns should definitely adopt this approach. We found a lovely little Cafe to stop in called Cafe Au Chocolat who had a sign outside saying “Dogs welcome with well behaved owners” My favorite kind of dog friendly. They had seating upstairs where it was a little quieter for Coops and I enjoyed a rather amazing Chocolate Brownie which was to die for! I also noticed as we were leaving in their shop next door they served Salcombe Ice Cream which if you ever see anywhere you really must try as it is amazing and award winning Ice Cream.

We then went exploring along the River Avon to find a good walk for Coops to stretch his legs and came across a lovely circular walk called the “Seven Ham Walk”. This goes around a an area of land which is bounded by the River Seven and the River Avon as Tewkesbury is where these two rivers meet. It was a nice quiet walk which was about 3-4 miles, although the views aren’t spectacular because of the flat nature of the terrain it was good to stretch the legs and see Tewkesbury on the water.

I think Tewkesbury is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a dog friendly town and are interested in all the history and architecture it has to offer. There’s also many a photo opportunity around every corner with all the historical building and river side frontage.


Have you ever visited Tewkesbury before or have you ever seen a town with Dog friendly stickers as we found here? We’d love to know if you have so leave a comment below.

Happy adventures,

Fi & Coops xXx

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