Dog Travel Bag – What I Pack


As you may be aware if you’ve read some of our previous posts or if you follow us on Instagram Cooper & I love to travel and explore new places that are Dog Friendly. I don’t have a car so we always generally travel by public Transport which means I need to ensure I pack lightly but have all the essentials with us in case of any eventuality.  I thought I would share with you all our travel essentials as even if you do travel by car I think this would still be a helpful “tool kit” for you to.

First up the actual bag itself. I have used a couple of different backpacks over the last couple of years but a few months ago I purchased this Beaspire backpack off of Amazon (£36) as I needed something that had a Camera compartment to protect my DSLR and was generally more roomy. It has a really genius pull out compartment in the bottom which has room for my Canon 6D plus an extra lens if I needed one. Currently I use it for Coopers Water Bottle so as to make best use of the space. Then there is a zipped slim pocket on the front of the bag as well as a zip top compartment which has 3 mesh pockets and a slim padded section which runs down the back of the bag for a laptop if you needed to carry one.

Because you never know what the weather will do in England or what your spaniel may decide to jump into i.e. Water or Mud, I always make sure I carry a Towel with me which can be strapped onto the bottom of the bag. This one is just a microfiber travel towel I bought from Blacks and is perfect as it’s very lightweight but still very absorbent. I always carry a couple of plastic bags with me to, just in case I need to bag up a soggy towel before strapping it back to the bottom of the bag.


There’s some very important things I strap onto the outside of the bag for easy access to, being, our Beco Poo Bag holder and Lunas Loft Treat Bag. I always use Beco Poo bags as they not only smell nice if you get the scented ones but they are biodegradable which is much better for the environment. Our Lunas Loft Treat bag is also a must as when we’re out on adventures we generally always take photos so need some treats to keep Coopers attention focused my way.

066Talking of treats I also make sure I pack a chew or two just in case we get held up or so Cooper has something to chew on if we’re out for Lunch etc. I always pack a Guru Field Trip Bone as he eats their food and this can be like a meal on the go which is perfect if we’re travelling back over Dinner time as a certain little Spaniel can’t go 5 minutes past his dinner time without telling you about it. Of course I always make sure I pack water for Cooper as well as a fold-able water bowl for him to eat/drink out of. I of course pack water for me to but something else I pack for myself is plasters as you never know when you or someone else might need one.

Like I said before you never quite know what the weather will do in England so I pack both of Coopers Equafleeces with me just in case. We have the original Fleece Dog Jumper which is great for keeping him warm and dry in the winter or to keep him warm if he’s got wet through swimming, rain etc. I also pack his T-Shirt Body which is great if it gets to warm as you can soak it and it will help to keep your pup cool in the heat as well as keep them warm if it gets a little chilly in the evenings.


Something I always ensure I pack is a Portable battery pack, cable and plug. My biggest fear is getting stuck somewhere with Cooper and having my phone die on me so I have no way to call for help. I also always make sure I fully charge the battery pack the night before so I know I’ve got 2 full charges in it as we all know iPhone’s are notorious for losing charge quickly especially when you’re on Instagram 24/7 and posting on your stories.

The final section of things I pack is Accessories. These may or may not be an essential thing to pack but as a minimum I always make sure I have a spare Collar and Lead with me just in case the one I’m using got damaged or you never know if someone else may need to borrow one. Then depending on where I’m going and what space I have left I generally pack a little bag of Acc’s for photos with me which generally includes items from Lunas Loft, Collar & Tweed, LN Designs, Devil Dood Designs & Cotswold Pooch.


So then that’s everything that we take with us to ensure our adventures go smoothly regardless of what eventuality comes our way. It may seem a lot but I like to be prepared and when It’s just you and your dog travelling together you always want to ensure you’ve got everything you need to look after your dog.

Do you travel with your dog and if so is there anything else you carry with you that we haven’t though of? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Happy Adventures,

Fi & Coops xXx

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