Plaque Off – Review

Cooper has never really been great with having his teeth brushed even though we started trying when he was a pup. You can see he gets visibly stressed with it so I must admit we don’t do it often enough and are always looking for different ways to improve his oral hygiene.

Pet dental care is something so important but can unfortunately be easily overlooked and can lead to serious issues if teeth are left untreated. Once plaque has calcified into tartar it can no longer be brushed off with just a toothbrush and may need to be treated by a vet under anaesthetic. If you’re anything like me you’ll try and avoid putting your dog under anaesthetic as much as possible so when Plaque Off offered to send us a few bits to try out we were of course very excited.

We were lucky to receive a pot of their Powder and a bag of their Dental Care Bones in the Chicken & Pumpkin flavour to try out. If you’ve never come across Plaque Off before they say that it helps to reduce tartar, improve breath and makes the teeth cleaner and whiter. It is a dietary supplement which is completely natural and made from specially selected Norwegian Seaweed which is harvested along the North Atlantic Coast. It’s free from additives and artificial preservatives and contains no gluten or added sugar.

The PlaqueOff Power comes in a granulated form which you can add to your dogs food every day and even comes with a handy little scoop inside. There are feeding guidelines on the pot which tell you how many scoops to give for your dogs weight. I was worried Cooper may stick his nose up at his food with this sprinkled over the top but he didn’t even notice it was there.

Alongside the powder you can also give your dog the Dental Bones which contain the PlaqueOff powder as an ingredient. They come in 4 flavours, Turkey & Cranberry, Chicken & Pumpkin, Bacon and Vegetable Fusion. Cooper went crazy for the Chicken and pumpkin ones and I couldn’t even manage to get a photo of him near them as he kept stealing them and running away to eat them! They can also be easily broken in half for smaller dog breads.


Annoyingly I didn’t take a before photo of Cooper’s teeth as he just wouldn’t let me but I am pleased with the results we’ve had. Cooper’s been having the Powder every day for 6 weeks now and they say results can be seen between 3-8 weeks. I’ve for sure seen a little improvement in his teeth and have noticed an improvement in his breath to. He never had bad breath but there was always a little smell there which I don’t really notice anymore. In terms of how his sensitive stomach reacted to the introduction of PlaqueOff, it was surprisingly not an issue at all, not even one bad tummy.

I will definitely be continuing with using PlaqueOff and will be trying to improve cooper’s reaction to the toothbrush to as it’s so important to keep brushing your dogs teeth. PlaqueOff is not a substitute for brushing your dogs teeth and should be used in conjunction with tooth brushing and any natural treats that are good at “brushing” the teeth also.

What are your thoughts?

Does your dog like having their teeth brushed or do they hate it and you’re interested in trying out PlaqueOff. If you do let us know how you get on.

Happy adventures,

Fi & Coops x🐾x

(All products were sent to us for free to try out, no blog post was asked for by PlaqueOff, we just wanted to share our results with you.)

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