DIY Dog Advent Calendar


So I don’t know about you but my Dog has had an Advent Calendar for the past 3 years (more than I have) that I’ve just picked up from Pets at Home and he’s loved it. This year however I’ve been really ensuring I give him the best quality treats I can so I thought why not make my own DIY dog advent calendar with all of his favourite treats in. So a few months back I started saving all our empty toilet roll holders ready to put to good use.


What you will need:

  • A variety of small treats and one larger chew for box number 25.
  • 26 empty toilet rolls.
  • Xmas Washi Tape.
  • Xmas Paper.
  • A paper Cutter in a shape of your choosing.
  • String.
  • Scissors.
  • Pen.
  • A skewer.
  • Double sided sticky tape.
  • Something round to draw around.
  • A pole to hang your advent boxes from.

Step 1)

Firstly you will need to flatten all 26 of your tubes in half. Then using a round object (I found a tuna can the perfect shape much to Cooper’s confusion) draw around the circular object on either end and cut out to leave you with rounded ends.

Step 2)

Using your circular object again and using a blunt object such as a pair of closed scissors score around the shape lightly to leave an impression on the card. Repeat 4 times on both sides and ends to create the box ends that will fold in creating your boxes.


Step 3)

For box number 25 I wanted to create a slightly larger box so Cooper can enjoy a bigger treat on Xmas day. To do this I used two tubes and slotted them together making sure I only did steps 1 & 2 one one end of each tube.


Step 4)

Next you want to pierce holes for your string to thread through for hanging. (If you want to display your boxes in a different way leave out this step) To pierce a hole through the tubes I carefully used a skewer but if you have a small hole punch this would work just as well.


Step 5)

At this point if you like you can fill up your boxes with treats as depending on how you decorate your boxes you may not be able to get back into them again until it’s time for your pup to open them.

Step 6)

Decorating!!!! Now comes the fun bit, decorating them. Please bear in mind when decorating if you are going to let your dog rip open the boxes themselves you may not want to put anything on the boxes that you wouldn’t want them to eat. I kept my decorating quite simple for this reason just using some Washi Tape around the box.

Step 7)

It’s then time to number your boxes. I had a Christmas Tree shaped cutter which I used to cut out some pretty Xmas paper with for my numbers but you could just as easily use some stickers instead. Simply number them 1-25 and then using double sided sticky tape stick them onto your boxes.

Step 8)

Now it’s time to hang them! I had an old pole which I re-purposed for this but you could also use a tree branch for a more rustic look or even just hang them like bunting.


Finally it’s time to let your pup enjoy their advent calendar! Whether you let them rip it apart or you chose to put it away and re-use it next year I hope you all get a little enjoyment from it.

Happy making,

Fi & Coops xXx

P.S. please do not leave your dog unsupervised with their advent calendar and please ensure you don’t use anything within/on the boxes that may cause harm to your dog.

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