Christmas Gifting – Last Minute Ideas

The last in our series of Christmas Gift Guides is for those of you that may be looking for those last minute gifts and these two ideas are pawfect for those of you that want to keep an eye on your dogs welfare.

Collar & Bow Tie Collar & Tweed

Something that is very new to us but we have fallen in love with already is the PitPat 2 Activity Tracker which helps you monitor your dogs activity levels so you can be sure they’re getting enough exercise. It is effortless to use and the set up took me no longer than 5 minutes. You simply download the PitPat app, enter some information about your pup such as exercise goal, breed, weight and then you sync the tracker and voila you’re ready to go.

You can see how much walking, running, resting and playing your dog does, how many miles they do and calories burnt. It fits easily on your dogs collar with strong velcro and you can order replacement velcro if needed through the website. It takes a watch type battery which should only need replacing once a year so no charging necessary. We love ours and would definitely recommend them.

You can currently get them for £39.00 on their website and also on Amazon to still arrive before Xmas.

Next up is a gadget you may recognize from an earlier blog post we published in September which you can read a full review of  here.  The Furbo dog camera has become a much loved fixture in our home by Cooper as he gets treats throughout the day as we can’t resist treating him if he’s being a good pup and not up to mischeif. Both my husband and I love checking in on Coops when we’re out at work or even I must admit spying on each other. The perfect gift for Dog lovers this Christmas.

In a nutshell the Furbo is a smart interactive dog camera that lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog where ever you may be through a linked mobile App. With a 1080p Full HD, 160 degree wide angle camera which includes infrared night vision you can keep an eye on your beloved pets at all times. Something they are really great for though is separation anxiety which can be real problem for some dogs and something that amazingly Battersea Dogs Home have been utilizing to help some of their rescue dogs to help with their long term placement into their forever homes. Which personally for me especially at this time of the year is pretty incredible.

Furbo sent us some case studies to read on just how well the Furbo has worked on a couple of dogs. First up is Sally a 3 year old ex racing greyhound who sadly had become a long stay resident as black greyhounds tend to be less appealing as they don’t photograph as well which is just so sad. Sally was re homed twice in her stay with Battersea but sadly neither home was to be her permanent home due to Separation anxiety which saw her become destructive, whine and howl and chew through doors causing herself injury. She couldn’t be left for more than 2 minutes and the anxiety soon became apparent to the Battersea staff as well as she couldn’t be left in kennels or chill out areas without becoming stressed. In stepped Furbo,…They used the interactive camera to reinforce to Sally that being left was a positive thing by rewarding her for choosing to be relaxed. Before long She was starting to relax when being left alone and even started curling up to sleep when left. What’s even better is that Sally is now finally in her forever home.

Next up is Wylie a 6 year old Staffy who despite being an instant hit with the staff at Battersea the public only saw that he was pacing, barking and generally not being a happy dog. The public loved they way he looked but thought he would just be to noisy at home. They decided to teach him a trick to perform to the public to get his brain working as he was generally only barking because he was bored. They decided to teach him to hold a bunch of red roses which with Valentines day approaching was very appropriate and he would not only look romantic but with his mouth full he couldn’t bark. Once they had taught Wylie the trick the trainer could then exit the kennel and still reward him for picking up the flowers by using the Furbo which worked great when it came to Wylie presenting potential adopters with flowers as the staff didn’t even need to be In the room. The Furbo could also be used to reward him for calm, quiet behaviors rather than barking. Wylie has now found his forever home and when they visited him 2 months after his adoption in his new home he still stopped barking and behaved like the pawfect gentleman.

What’s really amazing is you can currently get them on sale for £129.00 saving £120 on their website and on Amazon until the 21st December to still arrive before Xmas.

We hope you love these Last Minute ideas, I know we’d love to find either of these wrapped up under the tree on Christmas Morning.

Happy Festivites,

Fi & Coops xXx

  • This is a paid for partnership with Furbo through Karkalis Communications. Case studies were supplied to us but all opinions are my own.
  • PitPat activity tracker was gifted to us but all opinions are my own.

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