Doggy Pancake Recipe

I’m always very last minute for remembering about pancake day and as such Cooper has never experienced them but the last couple of years I thought ohhh I wish I’d thought ahead and made some dog friendly versions for Coops to enjoy whilst we have ours. So this year I made sure I was super prepared and had a play around with how to make them. It’s actually a super simple recipe!

You will need:

  • 1/4 Cup – Buckwheat Flour or plain Wholewheat flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 Cup – Water
  • A Tiny Bit of vegetable oil (for flying in the pan)


  • Cottage Cheese
  • Chopped Up Sprats

Obviously you can choose whatever toppings your pup prefers but Coops just adores cheese and Sprats! Peanut Butter is another good one if your pup loves the stuff!

Whilst trying to figure out what flour was best to use as an alternative to regular flour for dogs, I tried using Coconut flour which has many benefits including, wheat feee, gluten free, rich in dietary fibre to name a few. However DO NOT try using this to make pancakes, it was a disaster! I think because of its consistency it just didn’t cook well in the pan and it was almost like it bubbled split and just turned into mush! #disaster (I will see about using in in baking dog treats another time though)

So I decided to reach for Buckwheat flour instead which despite having “wheat” in the title is actually wheat free and thus gluten free.

Add your flour, egg, and water into a mixing bowl and whisk until you have a smooth liquid batter with no lumps in.

Next heat up a pan with a little touch of vegetable oil in so your batter won’t stick and ladle in a spoon full of mixture. Cook it on each side for about 1 minute until golden and obviously if you’re brave enough you can try to flip it with a flourish!!!!

Of course you could just serve up the pancakes as they are but being the extra dog mum that I am I decided to cut them into bone shapes with a cutter. This also means the dogs aren’t eating to much. I managed to get 2 out of each pancakes but then my flying pan wasn’t huge. In total I cut out about 8 bones out of the 4 pancakes.

Now its time to add the toppings, I stacked them up in an American style stack and added the topping onto them.

Now it’s time to let your pup eat (or devour in Cooper’s case) their pancakes!

I would love to see your pups enjoying theirs if you decide to make some! Tag us in on your Insta posts and stories!

Happy baking,

Fi & Coops xXx

As with any baking for your pup please be aware of any intolerances they may have and limit the amount of treats given alongside food.

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